Taking your dog on the road for the first time can be rather tricky if you aren’t prepared for some unavoidable circumstances! You have to realize, unlike kids, your pet can’t tell you when he/she wants to use the bathroom or if they have motion sickness and the likes. Hence, being well informed and prepared before you take your dog on a road trip can be the difference between a happy journey and a disastrous one!

Here’s what you should expect on your first road trip with your furry best friend and how to go about planning the perfect trip from start to finish.

  1. Frequent Bathroom Stops

The last thing you want is an accident in the car or caravan, isn’t it?! Cleaning it up will be extremely troublesome and you may have to bear with the smell for a while until your vehicle airs out completely! Hence, making stops along the way for your dog to do their job is certainly worth the time and trouble. Even if they don’t do anything at first, give them a couple of minutes before you get back on the road. A stop every hour (or sooner if they’ve just had a meal or a lot of fluids) will prove beneficial!

  1. Doggy Meds

Car sickness, loose motions and other potential sicknesses your dog may encounter while traveling can be avoided with prescription meds. Consult with a vet and make sure that you carry enough medicines for your dog so that you don’t run out during your trip. Doggy meds aren’t easily available so it’s better to keep a stock just to be on the safe side.

  1. Meal Time and Snacks

Feeding your dog can also be a tricky situation. You shouldn’t feed them while on the go, nor should you overfeed them during meal stops. When meal time rolls around, stop the car in a cool, shady place and feed them a little more than half their usual portion. Give them about 15 minutes to digest and go potty if needed before hitting the road. It’s fine to give them treats on the go as long as you don’t overdo it and keep about an hour or so between snacks.

  1. Keep Them Hydrated

Road trips can really dehydrate dogs so it’s important to give them water every now and then. You may have to stop the vehicle for this if they’re drinking out of a bowl, but if they’ve got the hang of drinking from a squirt bottle then you’re good to go!

  1. Dog-Friendly Destinations

If you’re planning to stop over at motels, trailers parks, etc; ensure that these places allow pets and are safe for your dog beforehand. It would be of great inconvenience to you and your pet if you find yourself in a place wherein you have to leave your dog tied or caged up somewhere because of rules and restrictions for pets. You wouldn’t want to stress yourself and your dog by leaving his/her side in a new, unfamiliar environment.

Follow the advice above and your first road trip with your precious pet dog is sure to be a memorable and delightful one!