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4 Housetraining Tips to Avoid ‘Accidents’ in Your Home

It’s all sunshine and butterflies when you bring your new pup home and cuddle and fuss over him/her until they take a wee on your carpet and reality hits; this cute, little, furry ball of love needs to be housetrained. If you’ve never owned a dog before, you may find housetraining your pup a tad [...]

A Dog’s Gift to Sense Human Emotions and Other Things!

A Dog’s Gift to Sense Human Emotions and Other Things! If you didn’t already know this, dogs are extremely smart and perceptive. Of course, it’s easy to believe that they’re “mutts” when you see them drink out of the toilet bowl or chase their own tail, but the truth is that your dog can sense [...]

What to Expect when ‘Road Tripping’ with Your Dog

Taking your dog on the road for the first time can be rather tricky if you aren’t prepared for some unavoidable circumstances! You have to realize, unlike kids, your pet can’t tell you when he/she wants to use the bathroom or if they have motion sickness and the likes. Hence, being well informed and prepared [...]