A Dog’s Gift to Sense Human Emotions and Other Things!

If you didn’t already know this, dogs are extremely smart and perceptive. Of course, it’s easy to believe that they’re “mutts” when you see them drink out of the toilet bowl or chase their own tail, but the truth is that your dog can sense things about you that you wouldn’t believe! They truly are a blessing to have as pets with their love, affection and loyalty; and their gift to sense human emotions is pretty much a bonus! Here are a couple of things your furry best friend can sense about you.

  1. Fear

While a dog not known to you might pick up on your fear and bark at you to scare you further in a bid to protect his family, your own pet will sense your fear and come closer to you. A dog will also feel flustered and confused due to the negativity energy it senses but you can rest assured that he/she will come to you so that you aren’t alone. Of course, in the case of guard dogs, they will start sniffing and scouting the area as soon as they pick up on your fear.

  1. Sadness/Depression

If you’ve ever cried near or in front of your dog, there’s a 99% chance that he/she came right up to you and licked your face or put their head on your lap to comfort you. Dogs can very well tell if you’re upset and instantly come to give you cuddles and sloppy kisses to make you feel better. And it’s amazing how efficient they are in achieving their goal! As you may know, there are therapy dogs that help people cope with depression by staying by their side and giving them love, attention and affection. With dogs, it’s instinctive to comfort someone who is sad.

  1. Anger

Whether you’re angry with them or over something else, dogs will sense it from the tone of your voice or body language. You’ll notice them with their ears down, head hung low and sitting still or very quietly in a corner. They’ll probably have a look of guilt on their face even if they haven’t done anything wrong; simply because that is the way they react when their pet parents are angry. Of course, if you’re mad at them and they’re really feeling the guilt, they will not make eye contact with you and try to hide their face!

  1. Illness

Everyone knows that dogs have an incredibly heightened sense of smell. Regardless of whether they are trained or not, they can sniff out dangers such as gas leaks, burning electrical wires, etc. But what’s more astounding is the fact that they can detect illnesses through body scents. Many dogs are specially trained to sniff out cancer at the earliest stage, while others can detect seizures and alert you before getting an attack. Truly amazing!